Dr. B. M. Swamy



Project 1 :

Investigating the role of Microbial Lectins from pathogenic fungi and bacteria causing mycotic and bacterial keratitis” 2019 to 2022. Sponsored by CSIR New Delhi. 18.5 lakhs


Project 2 :

An integrated approach to develop recombinant Sclerotium Rolfsii (SRL) antitumor Lectins in E. coli as novel targeted anticancer drug and drug delivery system for human colon and breast cancer, providing affordable health care to cancer patients” (2014-2016) funded by DBT sponsored BIPP, Biotechnology Industry Partnership Programme, under BIRAC, with Unichem Laboratories Pvt.Ltd, Mumbai. INR 263 lakhs (Unichem contribution of 133 lakhs and BIRAC support of 38 lakhs to KU. Dharwad and 92 lakhs to Unichem. Labs).


Project 3 :

Gene and Protein profiling of human colon cancer cells following their interaction with antitumor Lectin from Sclerotium Rolfsii (SRL) and Identification of Lectin binding receptors to explore Lectins potential as diagnostic and therapeutic agent” funded by Agilent Technologies, Pvt. Ltd. Santaclara, USA. International. (2013-2014). US $25,000.00.


Project 4 :

Tumour suppressing activity of Sclerotium Rolfsii Lectin on colon cancer. Funded by British Council under UK India Education and Research initiative (UKIERI) 2008-2014, 32 lakhs.


Project 5 :

Exploring The Potential of RBL, A Cytotoxic Lectin from Rhizoctonia Bataticola for Ovarian Cancer Research: Molecular Signaling involved in RBL mediated Cytotoxicity in Ovarian Cancer. Funded by CSIR New Delhi. (2012-2015). 12 lakhs.


Project 6 :

Investigating the role of a Mitogenic Lectin from Cephalosporium Curvulum, a pathogenic fungus causing Mycotic Keratitis. Funded by Dept. of Science and Technology, India. (2012-2015). 47 lakhs.


Project 7 :

Exploring the potential of TF antigen binding property of lectin from Sclerotium Rolfsii for its Anti Cancer Effect. Sponsored by Dept. of Biotechnology, India.(2010 -2013). 32 lakhs.


Project 8 :

Evaluation and Mode of action of Sclerotium Rolfsii Lectin and its recombinant variants for its insecticidal activity. Sponsored by CSIR New Delhi. (2010-2013). 25 lakhs.


Project 9 :

TF antigen binding unique lectins from Sclerotium Rolfsii and Rhizoctonia Bataticola for investigating aberrant Glycosylation and Changes associated with Cancer. Sponsored by Dept. of Science and Technology, India. (2005 -2008). 19 lakhs.


Project 10 :

Molecular Cloning and Expression of Sclerotium Rolfsii Lectin; Exploitation of the Recombinant Protein for Immunological and Serological Applications. Sponsored by Unichem laboratories, Mumbai. (2006 -2009). 13.25 lakhs.


Project 11 :

Novel Fungal Lectins; Possible Tools for Probing Plant Cell surfaces, 1992-96. Sponsored by CSIR New Delhi. 8.7 lakhs.


Project 12 :

Genetic modification of lectin content and profile to enhance nutritional quality of groundnut”, in collaboration with Prof. M.V.C. Gowda of Dept. of Genetics, University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad, India.


Project 13 :

Karnatak University, has been recognized by UGC sponsored UPE, University with Potential for Excellence and we are working as Co-ordinator and Deputy coordinator of this programme in the focused area of research antitumor activity an integrated approach with a total grant of 50 Crores.


Project 14 :

We are also associated with UGC sponsored CPEPA (7 crores) and DBT sponsored IPLS programs (12 crores) as active members.

MOUs formulated/created for Academic collaborations

  • MOU signed by Karnatak University with Unichem Laboratories Ltd., Mumbai for financial assistance of Rs. 14.00 lakhs. Project period; 2 years. (2005-2007)
  • MOU signed by Karnatak University with Unichem Laboratories Ltd., Mumbai (2012-2016).
  • MOU signed by Karnatak University with Unichem Laboratories Ltd., Mumbai and DBT for financial assistance of Rs.38.00 lakhs. Under DBT BIRAC Project period; 3 years. (2013-2016)
  • MOU signed by Karnatak University with Agilent Technologies Pvt. Ltd. for financial assistance of Rs.13.00 lakhs. Under Agilent Technologies Pvt. Ltd. USA Research Gift Award. (2013-2015)