Dr. B. M. Swamy

Dr. B M Swamy

Name Dr. Bale Murugiswamy
Position Retd. Professor of Biochemistry
Area of specialization Protein Chemistry, Glycobiology, Cancer Research and recombinant protein technology for Biopharma.
Patents 4 Indian, 1 PCT & 1 European
Publications 48 International
MOU signed/created 4
Department Department of studies in Biochemistry
Institution Karnatak University, Dharwad, India
Postal Address Dr. B.M. Swamy, Professor of Biochemistry,Karnatak University,Dharwad 580 003, (India)
Email Address sawmy_bm@yahoo.co.in
Mobile 9343401272
Year Qualification Subject University/ Institution
1974 B.Sc. Chemistry & Zoology J.S.S. Science College, Dharwad
1977 M. Sc. Biochemistry Karnatak University, Dharwad, India
1985 Ph. D Biochemistry Karnatak University, Dharwad, India
1996 Post Doctoral Training X ray Crystallography Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York.
Sl.No Position held Department Institution Duration
1 Program Coordinator UGC- University with Potential for Excellence Karnatak University, Dharwad 2015 to Till date
2 Chairman Dept. of Biochemistry Karnatak University, Dharwad Since 2008
3 Professor of Biochemistry Dept. of Biochemistry Karnatak University, Dharwad Since 2004
4 Reader in Biochemistry Department of Biochemistry Karnatak University, Dharwad Sept 1994 – Sept 2004
5 Lecturer in Biochemistry Department of Biochemistry Karnatak University, Dharwad Sept 1982 – Sept 1994.
6 Biochemist All India Wheat Improvement Project University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad Sept 1982 – Sept 1985.
7 Assistant Professor of Biochemistry Department of Biochemistry University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad Sept 1979- Sept 1981
Sl.No Position held Department Institution
1 Member of Board of Examiners Dept. of Biochemistry Bangalore University
2 Member of Board of Examiners Dept. of Biochemistry University of Mysore
3 Member of Board of Examiners Dept. of Biochemistry Gulbarga University
4 Member of Board of Examiners Dept. of Biochemistry Kuvempu University
5 Member of Board of Studies Dept. of Biochemistry Karnatak University, Dharwad
6 Member of Board of Studies Dept. of Biochemistry Kuvempu University
7 Member of Board of Studies Dept. of Biochemistry Bangalore University

Special Achievements

Won Silver Medal by FICCI,Texas,USA.

Awarded with a Silver medal for developing best Indian technology.
Dr. B.M. Swamy and his group developed technology of making recombinant proteins, which have applications in cancer therapy, diagnosis and blood grouping.
Technology entitled “Recombinant protein with Serological and Cancer diagnostic application” won Silver Medal and was selected for commercialization by India Innovates growth program, organized by FICCI, Lockheed Martin and IC2 Institute, Texas, USA.

Membership & Fellowship of various National and International professional Bodies

  • Member: Consortium for Functional Glycomics (CFG), USA.
  • Member: International Society for Glycobiology, SFG, USA.
  • Member: International Lectin Society (INTERLEC).
  • Life Member: Society of Biological Chemists, India.
  • Member: Asian Community for Glycoscience and Glycotechnology (ACGG).
  • Member: Indian Association for Cancer research (IACR).
  • Member: Research advisory board of Vellore Institute Of Technology (VIT), Vellore.
  • Member: Research advisory board of National Institute of Technology (NIT), Surathkal.

Research achievements of Prof.B.M. Swamy.

At the Department of Biochemistry, Karnatak University, Dharwad, me and my colleague, Professor Shashikala Inamdar together are interested in understanding structure function relationship of lectins (carbohydrate binding proteins) of fungal and plant origin.

Lectins with unique carbohydrate binding specificities are becoming important molecular tools for understanding the complex cell surface glycans particularly altered glycosylations during pathological conditions.

Emphasis in our lab is especially on those lectins which bind to tumor associated cell surface glycans since they can be used as diagnostic tools and also to understand their growth modulatory effects such as apoptosis on the cells.

We are also interested in lectins which exhibit potential toxic effects on insect pests, as they can be used for developing transgenic plants with pest resistance.

Some of the salient features of the past and present work are as follows:

  • A lectin purified from Rhizoctonia bataticola, a phytopatogenic fungus recognizes CA 125 a well known cancer marker and is shown to be cytotoxic to ovarian cancer cells PA1 but show very high mitogenic activity on PBMC’s.
  • Sclerotium rolfsii lectin (SRL) purified from the sclerotial bodies of the fungus is shown to be involved in the development and morphogenesis, whose X ray crystallographic structure is determined at 1.1 Angstron resolution. Lectin exclusively binds to mucin type core O-glycans recognizing Galβ13GalNAcα which is also a pan-carcinoma marker.
  • SRL shows proliferative activity with human PBMCs but anti proliferative effect on human leukemic cells; Molt 4 and Jurkat also on human colon epithelial cells; HT29 and DLD 1. Recognition of different surface glycoproteins by the lectin explains the observed proliferative and anti-proliferative effect with PBMCs and leukemic cells respectively.
  • SRL induces cellular apoptosis in HT29 cells by activation of caspase 3. Effect of SRL in vivo using SCID mice colon cancer models are SRL. (Studies are in progress).
  • Three recombinant forms of S. rolfsii lectin are developed, one of which is Blood group A1 specific and other two show similarities with native lectin in binding to cultured cells and hence have commercial potential. (Covered in two Indian and one PCT patents).
  • SRL bind to specific regions of alimentary canal of Spodoptera litura larvae, a serious pest on several agricultural crops and show larvacidal effect (Studies are in progress).
  • Lectin purified from an edible tuber Remusatia vivipara show potent nematicidal activity and the X ray crystal structure of RVL is being determined.
  • RVL gene is cloned, which would help in developing nematode resistant transgenic plant developing nematode resistant transgenic plants (Studies are in progress).
  • A lectin purified from Cephalosporium, a fungal pathogen responsible for mycotic keratitis in humans is being studied for its role in infection process.

Papers presented at the International Symposia/ Conferences



Exploiting the carbohydrate specificity of a monocot mannose binding lectin from Remusatia Vivipara for pest resistance transgenic plants.

Presented at: 7th Annual Conference of Asian Community for Glycoscience and Glycotechnology (ACGG): at Matsushima, Miyagigun, Matsushi mamachi, Japan. November 12,2015.

Presented by: Dr. B M Swamy.



Identification of SRL binding receptors on human colon cancer cells using micro-fluidic based LC system with an advanced QTOF MS.

Presented at: 61st ASMS 2013 to held at Minneapolis, USA from June 9-13, 2013.

Prepared by: Ravindra Gudihal; Sachin M. Eligar; Srikanth Barkeer; Jonathan M. Rhodes; Lu-Gang Yu; Bale M. Swamy; Shashikala R. Inamdar.



Global gene expression studies and identification of signaling pathways leading to Sclerotium rolfsii lectin (SRL) induced cell death in human colon cancer HT 29 cells.

Presented at: The Annual meeting of Society for Glycobiology, held at St.Petersburg, Florida ,USA from 17th to 20th of November, 2013.

Prepared by: Bale M. Swamy, Srikanth Barkeer, Nilanjan Guha, Ravindra Gudihal, Deepak S A, Vishwanath H, Jonathan M. Rhodes, Lu-Gang Yu, Shashikala R. Inamdar



Identification of pathways leading to HT29 cellular apoptosis following SRL interaction.

Presented at: The National Conference on Glycobiology of Cancer Lectins as tools and Cancer 2013 held in Karnatak University Dharwad from 7th to 9th November,2013.

Prepared by: Srikanth Barkeer, Arun K S, Nilanjan Guha, Ravindra Gudihal, Deepak S A, Jonathan M, Rhodes, Lu-Gang Yu, Bale M. Swamy, Shashikala R. Inamdar.



Pro-apoptotic effect on human colon cancer cells of a Thomsen-Friedenreich antigen-binding lectin from Sclerotium rolfsii.

Presented at: Interlec 23, held at Edinburgh, UK (2008).

Prepared by: Shashikala R. Inamdar, Lu-Gang Yu, Vishwanath B. Chachadi, Nagaraja N. Nagre, Anuradha G. Bhat, Bale M. Swamy and Jonathan M. Rhodes.



Physiological role of a Novel TF antigen Binding Lectin from Sclerotium rolfsii a Phytopathogenic fungus.

Presented at: Glyco XVII: International symposium on Glycoconjugates Held at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore; Jan 12-16, 2003.

Prepared by: SwamyM. Bale, Hegde G.V, Bhat A.G and Inamdar S.R.



Thomsen-Friedenreich antigen binding lectins of phtytopathogenic fungal lectins; Binding studies.

Presented at: International workshop on “Protein folding; Structure and Design” held at International center for theoretical physics (ICTP), Strada costiera, Trieste, Italy, 11-22 June 2001.

Presented by: Bale M. Swamy and Shashikala R. Inamdar.



Sclerotium rolfsii lectin recognizes Gal Beta 1-3 Gal NAc containing glycopeptides.

Presented at: INTERLEC 18; International Lectin meeting 18, held at University of Portsmouth, U.K, 27-31 July, 1999.

Prepared by: Bale M. Swamy, Ganapati V. Hegde, Shashikala R. Inamdar.



Non involvement of Rhizoctonia bataticola Lectin in host-parasite interactions.

Presented at: Fifth International symp. on “Biochemical roles of Eukaryotic cell surface Macromolecules” held at Ind. Inst. Science, Bangalore,India, Jan. 4-8, 1999.

Presented by: B.M. Swamy, R.S. Naik and S.R. Inamdar



Structural Characterization of the Dioclea grandiflora Lectin using MALDI-MS, LC-MS and MS-MS.

Presented at: 44th American Society of Mass spectrometry conference held at Portland, Oregon,(USA), May 12-16, 1996.

Prepared by: Tang, Xue- Jun, Bale M. Swamy and Brewer C. Fred.

Total Research Projects:

  • As Principal Investigator : 7
  • As Co-Principal Investigator : 4
  • University Programmes : 3
Sl.No Organisation Name Nature of project Role Project Duration Grant Amount
1 National Agricultural project (NATP), ICAR, New Delhi Genetic modification of lectin content and profile to enhance quality of groundnut Principal Investigator 2002 to 2005 Rs. 16 lakhs
2 Minor Res. Grant funded by Karnatak University, under UGC schemes Fine Sugar specificity of fungal Lectins Principal Investigator 1997 to 1998 Rs. 50,000
3 DBT sponsored BIPP, Biotechnology Industry Partnership Programme, under BIRAC, with Unichem Laboratories Pvt.Ltd, Mumbai. An integrated approach to develop recombinant Sclerotium rolfsii (SRL) antitumor lectins in E. coli as novel targeted anticancer drug and drug delivery system for human colon and breast cancer, providing affordable health care to cancer patients Principal Investigator 2014-2016 Rs.263 lakhs
4 Agilent Technologies, Pvt. Ltd. Santaclara, USA. Gene and Protein profiling of human colon cancer cells following their interaction with antitumor lectin from Sclerotium rolfsii (SRL) and Identification of lectin binding receptors to explore lectins potential as diagnostic and therapeutic agent. Principal Investigator 2013-2014 Rs.17,22,902
5 CSIR New Delhi Exploring The Potential of RBL, A Cytotoxic Lectin from Rhizoctonia bataticola for Ovarian Cancer Research: Molecular Signalling involved in RBL mediated Cytotoxicity in Ovarian Cancer. Principal Investigator 2012-2015 Rs. 12 lakhs
6 Dept. of Science and Technology, DST India. Investigating the role of a mitogenic lectin from Cephalosporium curvulum, a pathogenic fungus causing mycotic keratitis. Principal Investigator 2012-2015 Rs 47 lakhs
7 UK India Education and Research initiative (UKIERI) British Council. Tumour suppressing activity of Sclerotium rolfsii lectin on colon cancer. Lead Researcher 2008-2014 Rs. 22 lakhs
8 Dept. of Biotechnology, DBT, India Exploring the potential of TF antigen binding property of lectin from Sclerotium rolfsii for its Anti Cancer Effect. India. Principal Investigator 2010 -2013 Rs. 32 lakhs
9 CSIR New Delhi. Evaluation and Mode of action of Sclerotium rolfsii lectin and its recombinant variants for its insecticidal activity. Co-Principal Investigator 2010-2013 Rs. 25 lakhs
10 Dept. of Science and Technology, DST India. TF antigen binding unique lectins from Sclerotium rolfsii and Rhizoctonia bataticola for investigating aberrant Glycosylation and Changes associated with Cancer. Dept. of Science and Technology, India. Co-Principal Investigator 2005-2008 Rs. 19 lakhs
11 Unichem laboratories, Mumbai Molecular Cloning and Expression of Sclerotium rolfsii Lectin; Exploitation of the Recombinant Protein for Immunological and Serological Applications Co-Principal Investigator 2006 -2009 Rs. 13.25 lakhs
12 CSIR New Delhi Novel Fungal Lectins; Possible Tools for Probing Plant Cell surfaces, as Co-Investigator Co-Principal Investigator 1992-1996 Rs. 8.57 lakhs
13 UGC sponsored University with Potential of Excellence (UPE) with focussed area of research Antitumor activity an integrated approach Coordinator 2013-2019 Rs. 50crores
14 UGC sponsored CPEPA programme - Member 2013-2017 Rs. 650 lakhs
15 DBT sponsored IPLS programme - Member 2013-2015 1200 lakhs

Total Grant:

  • Total Individual grant : Rs. 252.52 lakhs
  • University Programmes Grant : Rs. 6950 lakhs

National and International Collaborations


Project 1 :

Title : Fine sugar specificity of Sclerotium rolfsi lectin

Collaboration with : Professor Albert M. Wu

Department : Glyco-immuno chemistry Research Laboratory

University : Institute of Molecular & Cellular Biology, Chang-Gung University

Place : Tao-Yuan, Taiwan


Project 2 :

Title : X-ray crystallographic studies

Collaboration with : Demetres D. leonidas and Prof. K. Suguna

Department : National Hellenic Research Foundation and Molecular Biophys Unit respectively

University : Institute of Biological Research & Biotechnology and Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore respectively

Place : Athens, Greece and Bangalore, India respectively


Project 3 :

Title : Tumor suppressing activity of lectins

Collaboration with : Dr. Jonathan Rhodes & Dr. Lugang Yu

Department : Division of Gastroenterology

University : School of Clinical Sciences, University of Liverpool

Place : Liverpool, UK


Project 4 :

Title : Characterization of endogenous glycolipid receptor of fungal lectins

Collaboration with : Professor Rudolf. R. Geyer

Department : Department of Biochemistry

University : Institute of Biochemistry, University of Giessen, Friedrichstrasse 24, D 35392

Place : Giessen, Germany


Project 5 :

Title : Interaction of SRL with insect cell lines and Genetically Modified crops for Insect resistance

Collaboration with : Prof. Els Van Damme and Prof.G. Smagghe

Department : Department Molecular Biotechnology and Department of Crop Protection respectively

University : Faculty of Bioscience Engineering, Ghent University

Place : Ghent, Belgium


Project 6 :

Title : Genetic modification of lectin content and profile to enhance nutritional quality of groundnut

Collaboration with : Prof. M.V.C. Gowda

Department : Department of Genetics

University : University of Agricultural Sciences

Place : Dharwad, India


Project 7 :

Title : Interaction of "TF antigen binding Unique Lectins from Sclerotium rolfsii and Rhizoctonia bataticola with human cell lines

Collaboration with : Dr. Padma Shastry

Department : Department of Biochemistry

University : National Center for Cell Science

Place : Pune, India


Project 8 :

Title : Recombinant lectins for cancer diagnostic and therapeutic applications

Collaboration with : C.S. Ramadoss

Department : Biosciences division

Industry : Unichem laboratories,

Place : Mumbai, India


Project 9 :

Title : In vivo studies of anti-tumor lectins on animal models

Collaboration with: Dr. Rajiv D

Department : Health care

Institute : Advance Centre for Treatment, Research and Education (ACTREC), Tata Memorial Centre

Place : Mumbai, India